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Welcome to my Wiccan Page. My craft name is Crystal Phoenix and I am a Celtic Pagan. I have been studying Wicca for about a year now, and have found that for me, it has become everything I have always believed, wrapped up into one religion that I can call mine. It is a religion that is often misunderstood and frequently feared. For anyone with an open mind however, you will find this is unfounded and a little silly. Witches are like anyone else, with the exception that our form of prayer is called witchcraft. Can we help it, if ours is often times more effective? :-)

All joking aside however, I would love to help you learn about the religion that has become so real in my everyday life. Since I am only one small part of a vast number of opinions and beliefs, I feel most of you would benefit from some fellow Pagans. I joined this great Pagan Web ring and would love it if you could visit my friends' sites too. Have a great day!!

Brightest Blessings!!

The very basis of the Wiccan relgion is nature. Everything that the Gods and Goddesses gave us is what makes up our Magickal forces. Anyone can create ritual, and if they put their heart and soul into it, can create Magick. This is not something that is available only to Witches. HOWEVER, I strongly recommend you study for a while and understand the power you are playing with before you get yourself into trouble. There are laws to Witch Craft that apply to all. The laws of Karma, otherwise known as the three-fold law apply to everyone in every aspect of their life. Add magick to that and you may be playing with something you aren't ready for. Ignorance means nothing to karma, so remember to keep you heart and intentions pure and to keep your spells specific. When in doubt, ask a more experienced Witch. As a new Witch myself I am constantly asking for advice. You can't learn if you don't ask questions.

Remember this in all your Magickal works, it will help you stay on the path that is good. It is the witches creed.

"And it harm none, do what thou wilt!!"

Crystal Phoenix's Home Page: Where it all started
Crystal Phoenix's Fantasy Page: Unicorns, Faeries, Dragons, Dwarves, etc. etc. etc.
Sif's Blessings Main Page: My favorite online witchcraft store!!

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